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hope u like them!:dummy:





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Bleach, Kingdom, Onepunch Man, Liar Game, and Beelzebub are awesome<3
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I have crappy eyesight but I also love the internet and drawing. curses

these cuties have really nice faces/talents/personalities: Diego Barrueco, Danny Padilla (the youtuber/singer), Jon Cozart, and tumblr user huksy (▰˘◡˘▰)

Doge stamp by TrollcreaK The Wolf Among Us Stamp by angelbebop8

tagged back by :iconsweetlysinful7: and :iconpiano-1468:

Sweetlysinful7's questions:
1. thoughts on animal abuse
ridiculous, inhumane, disgusting, disappointing.. i can't even fathom why anyone would do that
ok i still eat meat but i'm hoping that the livestock get a quick, painless death and have been living a reasonably comfortable life

2. If you could change one thing about your art style what would it be and why
lol i don't even have an art style ^^;

3. Do you watch anime? If so which one is your favourite and why?
I used to watch Bleach but it ended so I just stopped watching anime. I watched the first few episodes of SAO and SNK but i got lazy/busy so i don't watch anime anymore :T Either way, Bleach is still my favorite <3

4. If you could live in the world of your favourite fictional place would you? or would you stay on earth? why?
I don't know if i have a favorite fictional place -@ It'd either be Harry Potter (as a witch ofc), Bleach (as a Shinigami), One Piece (as a Gomu Gomu user) or X-Men (as a mutant).. can't think of anything else atm

5. If you could visit any place in the world where would you go? why
I don't like travelling :iconrazycryplz: just not interested

6. If you could be any person in the entire world who would you be? or would you stay yourself?
I know this would come with a lot of responsibility or conflicts, but I'd prolly be the president/government of a big country, like China, Canada, or the US. I'd set some things straight and try to improve the country. There are some dumbass laws and rules out there.

7. If you could date a fictional character who would it be?
No one really, i'm not interested in dating atm

8. If you could change one thing about society what would it be and why?
If i could, i'd somehow change the way most people look down upon a ton of things, such as homosexuality and feminism. I'd also change the fact that most people can be so ridiculously judgmental about things. 

9. What are some of your favourite bands?
dAUGHTER FOR SURE <3, Skylar Grey, Eminem, Green Day, and Kina Grannis (i'm aware she's not a band but just go with it).

10. Favourite artists on deviantArt? 
asldkgjael too many to count ;-; check my past journal and you'll find some of them there =w=

Piano-1468's questions:
1. Thoughts on gay marriage? 
I don't even get why it needs to be called gay marriage. It's just marriage. What does it matter that they even need to differentiate it??? ffs it's a great thing and I don't get why it's not allowed in many parts of the world. like really? you're going to make rules about love? sit the fuck down

2. Which disney princess would you be?
Mulan for obvious reasons

3. Favourite villain/villainess
Don't really have one :T

4. Best song lyric?
omg too many to name..
a bunch of lyrics from any of Daughter's songs, especially the lyrics from Love and Smoke
lyrics from Space Bound by Eminem..
lyrics from Same Love by Macklemore..
i realize i answered the question all wrong but oh well

5. One thing that you couldn't live without
My family

6. Your favourite element (water, wind, earth, fire, ice, electricity, light, shadow, time, spirit) (oh ya I got them all.)
Don't really have one, but the since time is listed here I'd definitely pick this one.. if it means i get to control it lol

7. Best youtube video of all time or youtuber
omg too many videos to name..
my favorite youtuber(s lol sorry) are Colleen Ballinger (PsychoSoprano), penguinz0 (Cr1TiKaL), and Jenna Marbles

8. Favourite type of music right now
I guess alternative atm.

9. What has influenced your art style the most over your years of being an artist?
I honestly have no clue. I just drew a lot growing up, but I really look up to BloodlineV's and dCTb's style.

10. What inspires your art the most?
Once again I have no clue ^^; I think it's mostly other people's art. The other day I was looking at Ninjatic's amazing scenery/bg art, and felt really motivated to do a bg piece since it would be good practice. Unfortunately I don't have the right materials atm cuz I'm not home, so that piece will have to be done when i get back to Canada c:

My questions:
1. What do you do when you have art block?
2. What's the best thing that could happen to you?
3. Do you need someone to talk to about issues or feel like ranting? Click here:…
4. What stores do you often shop at? (online or physically)
5. Views on feminism?

That's all the questions i'll do cuz i'm lazy and can't think of anything atm
I don't tag anyone, unless you feel like answering my questions :la:

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